[I've tried lots of things to get my dog to stop pulling me.]  When you explained to me what you wanted me to try [foot-fiddle with the dog’s rear end, when it walks in front of you], it made sense to me (as a human), but I was doubtful that it would work with Winston [because he's pulled me forever].   I was very hesitant at first.  I took him for a walk, and did exactly what you said.  Lo and behold, it WORKED!  

I was shocked.  

So, to challenge your theory, I left the leash loose.  At this point Winston would [typically] be pulling me down the street. Nope, he just kept looking back at me to make sure I wasn't going to stumble upon him.  The real test came on the next walk.  He took off, but was less "determined" to pull me down the street.  I tried your technique and he immediately moved back to my side.  Subsequent walks have only reinforced this behavior.  

Thank you.  Moreover, my shoulder thanks you!


Dan L.

I went to Larry because I thought our a border collie had "a problem." Turns out that I was the problem and Larry helped me "get" that.  For the past several weeks my walks with me dear pal have been a real joy -- no barking, lunging, pulling, etc.  Guess who has made the biggest change in behavior ... The dog or me?


A grateful student,


Larry isn't only a great trainer, but also a true advocate for your dog.  It's often a challenging and frustrating situation that brings a pet owner to seek the assistance of a trainer and Larry helps you rediscover the great things about your dog and inspires you to do what you need to do to have the pet you want... He takes so much pride in the progress he helps you make.


If you do what he says with consistency... it works!  Larry trains you AND your dog.



I thought of you yesterday... My vet complimented me on how well I handled Rex and how much he seemed to trust me.



Diane C.

When Georgie met Larry she was skittish and shy. She cowered and ran away.  One day, Larry sat and just waited [and took these pics] for Georgie to come and say hello. He waited, and waited - for 45 minutes. Finally, Georgie came up to him to see what all the crazy waiting was about. From that day forward Georgie started to come out of her shell. Today she is a different little pup. She is warm and friendly to those she recognizes and will greet you warmly when you come over. Thank you Larry.


Kathy S.                                              (Here’s 9 frames from the 40 minute exercise.)