While keeping a calm home is important, we're not opposed to some good-natured tomfoolery, either.



Dogs are my passion and my greatest teachers; each making my life a little better in their own special way.  It is my pleasure to host your best friend, giving each individual attention in a clean, safe, calm environment; complete with regular meals, medication, companionship, as well as mental and physical stimulation.  Ideally, your dog will come to see my place as their second home and me as their second owner.


Upon arrival, however, neither of us knows exactly what the other needs.  My job is to understand your furry friend and introduce them to their new surroundings as quickly and lovingly as possible.  They have to know that biting, chewing, rough play, barking, whining, digging and  poor toilet are just not acceptable behaviors; while I have to know how they feel about other dogs, people, being touched, toileting, boundaries and being alone, to name a few.


Orientation is a step by step process that takes a different amount of time for every dog.  It may require liberal use of crates and leashes, while acquainting your canine kid to my home and life patterns.  In the meantime, they can relax in their own space, which is full of soft sleeping places, fresh water the company of other, lots of filtered light, heating and air conditioning. Plus we go on at least 2 walks a day.



Thank you for including me on your journey.


Please provide

A well-fitted collar with IDs (can save a life)

Up-to-date shot records (ask your vet to email)

Food in a Ziploc bag w/ dog’s name on it

Food/meds and any special instructions

A well-brushed dog (avoid a 1-time, $10 brushing fee)


Please do not provide

Toys (may become objects of contention or disappear)

Bowls or scoops (They may get lost among my things)

Blankets, Bedding and Crates  (at your option)

4 dogs and 2 humans

relaxing together

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